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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Johannesburg

You deserve to be happy, healthy, free of fear and in control of your life, habits and daily routines.

We offer personal one on one sessions, group sessions and corporate events. 

This website will also help you understand hypnosis and hypnotherapy a bit more to help you dispel the untruths and myths about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and learn more about the benefits of hypnosis.

Do you require hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Johannesburg, South Africa? You’ve come to the right place.

Maliza Booysen is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, willing and able to help you achieve your goals through hypnotherapy.

What can I assist you with?

What are you interested in?

I do things a bit differently

At Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Johannesburg, I believe in really listening and understanding what is scratching at the core of the problem. My goal is to find out what is really bugging you, and how best to help you better yourself. My aim is to help you bring calm to your life, your decisions, your workplace, your relationships, and most of all to you. No fancy crystals and stuff… here we get real, and help you find the center of your calm.


What is hypnotherapy good for?

Easily put, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help with any problem that has no physical cause.

Many people already know that hypnosis helps well with weight loss, smoking cessation and other addictions. What people don’t know are the many things hypnotherapy can assist with. 

Self confidence

Self Confidence

Whatever you have been through, I try to help you get up. Self Confidence Hypnosis helps you overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself, your behaviour and your actions, helping you become the best you, you can be.

Stress and Anxiety
Helping you Calm down

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become common afflictions in recent years. It is estimated that around  400 million people, worldwide, suffer from mental or neurological disorders or from psychosocial problems. Few get help because of the stigma surrounding it. The purpose of Stress and Anxiety Hypnosis is to help you find the calm and relaxed place to help you let go of the anxiety and stress that is plaguing you.

Creative Development

Creative Development

Are you a writer, painter, drawer, designer, wordsmith, copywriter, poet or anything other creative related? I help you hone into your creativity, calming your mind, focusing on your amazing creative prowess. We’ve all, at one point, been stuck inside of the box. Creativity hypnosis helps you find the balance to bring the best of your creativity forward.

Smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation

If ever you have tried to quit smoking, you’d know that it is one of the hardest addictions to kick. We don’t realise how detrimental it can be to our health, and easily convince ourselves that we can quit whenever we want to. If you would like assistance to quit smoking with hypnosis, get in touch today, and let’s empower you to kick the butt.

Losing weight


Weightloss hypnosis has been around for a very long time. I take a holistic approach, working with you to incorporate diet and exercise into a healthy routine. Sometimes our minds can be our biggest barrier to losing the weight we deserve to lose. I help you bring everything together, to help you reach the goal you have set your mind on.

Study Assistance and memory

Improve Memory

Memory hypnosis helps with the two areas of memory and how they occur – the storage of memories, and the retrieval of memories. Not only can  memory hypnosis assist people of all ages with studying, and exam readiness, but it can also assist people in finding things that they have lost. This is one of my most favourite types of hypnosis, and shows just how powerful the subconscious really is.


Helping Women

Many women do not feel comfortable reaching out to male therapists to discuss their problems, concerns, fears, and their past. I welcome all women to reach out to me, for assistance through hypnotherapy. Areas of assistance include helping them understand their past, processing traumas, stress and past events and hurts. Self esteem, abuse, addiction, anger, fears and depression are just some of the topics I regularly help women, and men, with.

broken heart

Overcoming and facing

Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma is not limit to a bit life changing event. It can happen to anyone in any situation and can have a tremendous effect on our day to day lives. Using hypnotherapy I assist you in dealing with the emotions and feelings brought on by PTSD and Trauma, and how to best make sens and manage your reactions.

Mommy and Baby

Birthing Hypnosis

Having qualified through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Associations, birthing hypnosis is of keen interest to me. I help in areas of preparing for pregnancy, enjoying pregnancy, hypnotic childbirth, childbirth preparation, and morning sickness.

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Hypnotherapy, or trance work, is a group of techniques that allows practitioners and patients to take advantage of the mind-body connection to foster healing. – Andrew Weil 

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